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Trimming The Base of A Shower

Finishing Touches of a Small Bathroom Remodel
(See Below for DIY PVC Trim Installation Instructions)

Finishing touches of a small bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodeling is a wonderful thing. New tub, new shower, new sink, new tile, new bathroom fixtures - it’s all new! Sometimes, however, after getting all those new important bathroom items installed, the small or inconsequential finishing touches get left undone. You are so overwhelmed and (hopefully) happy with the completion of the big renovation picture that little things like trim and molding fall by the wayside. They may be small, but those little bits of untrimmed areas can make a big difference to the overall finished appearance of your bathroom. Left with unfinished or incomplete trim and molding, your bathroom renovation or remodel just doesn’t shine as brightly as it could.

Today I finished the trim in my bathroom! (It’s only been about 18 months since the major work was done.)

My bathroom renovation involved moving a wall to expand the square footage, installing a new 2 piece shower, adding storage space and a laundry chute, putting in a new bathroom vanity cabinet with vessel sink, and laying new resilient flooring. The (almost) finished product was fabulous except for one tiny thing - the trim at the base of the shower. The 2 piece shower was the first thing to be installed. The flooring was put down after. No matter how precisely resilient flooring is marked and cut, it never seems to meet up perfectly with the base of the shower. Initially, I used a silicone caulk to close the gap. Caulk is great for some jobs, but in this particular case caulk alone just wasn’t cutting it.

Shower base before trim.


Before beginning this trim work in my small bathroom, I cleaned the floor. Hey, it’s a bathroom and it’s small - the toilet is beside the shower. Not to say that my house isn’t clean, but I do have a four year old boy!

Materials List

plastic/pvc quarter round trim/molding
silicone caulk
miter box & miter saw (or cut-off saw)
utility knife
clean, damp rag

Steps to Trimming Shower Base

1. Use a scraper to remove any existing caulk. Be careful not to gouge the flooring or scratch the acrylic shower.

Use a scraper to remove existing caulk.

Be careful not to scratch the acrylic shower.

2. Wipe down the area to clean up any bits or small particles of caulk.

3. Carefully measure the distance at the base of the shower where trim is to be installed.

4. Cut trim to length using a saw - miter saw or cut-off saw - whichever.

5. Run a bead of clear silicone caulk along the top, bottom and side edges of the trim piece. (Read and follow instructions for use on tube of silicone.)

6. Press trim piece in place at the base of shower.

Press trim piece in place.

7. Use a clean, damp rag to immediately wipe up any excess caulk.

I chose to use a pvc trim/molding because of where I wanted to install it - in front of the shower. The silicone caulk will prevent any shower spray or stray water from seeping down between the trim and the shower base and the trim and the resilient flooring where it could damage the wood sub floor.

The end result.

The end result of installing pvc trim in front of my shower base - a neat, clean and waterproof barrier that truly finishes off a successful small bathroom remodel.

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